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UPDATED: 11/9/2017

Important Info: 
The calculator is built based off of our player rankings and thus subjective to our team building philosophies and opinions. The values are for PPR leagues, featuring 1QB. The calculator DOES include 2017 draft picks (1-48) written in the standard format for a 12-team league (1.01-1.12, 2.01-2.12, 3.01-3.12, 4.01-4.12). It also includes 2018 picks (i.e. 2018 Early 1st, 2018 Mid 2nd, etc.) and 2019 picks (i.e. 2019 1st, 2019 2nd, etc.).

You'll notice that the calculator includes a column designating a player's "tier." This is just as important as the value numbers when evaluating a trade. Trading for a player in a higher tier WILL require an overpay, maybe even a significant one. So just because a trade may seem like it's in favor of Team A, it may not be if that team is giving up a player from a higher tier. 

If you have comments/suggestions or see a really wonky value, please send us an email at or tweet us @dynastyfbfocus. If you enjoy this tool, we invite you to check out our 2017 Rookie Digest