The Team



Devin Sperle


Devin helped found Dynasty Football Focus in early 2016. You probably know him as the voice of the weekly podcast. He also takes charge of rookie, prospect, and player scouting with his Gambling Man article series. Devin is great at making excuses for every fantasy football loss.

Ben Picture.jpg

Ben Provolt


A long-time veteran fantasy football, Ben decided to join Devin in creating Dynasty Football Focus. He is the weekly podcast co-host, rankings guru, and buys/sells mastermind. His secret talent is creating playoff brackets. So if your league utilizes crazy quadruple elimination playoff rules, Ben is your guy.


Brandon Sperle

Team Think Tank, Content Developer

Brandon started as a podcast guest, but has become a full-time staff member. He is the think tank for Dynasty Football Focus and focuses on making our website and community the best it can be. If there was ever someone who couldn't care less about ADP, it's Brandon. He's also brutally honest. If your team sucks, you'll hear about it.




Jace is the resident accountant so he knows his stuff when it comes to numbers. He's the backbone of any and all player/statistical analytics projects and obviously an Excel addict. Jace has never lost a game of Fifa and will challenge anyone to a match.